Fictional play whose premiere got canceled for unclear reasons. The main character of the play (appearing on stage dressed as a plague doctor), performs a ritual in front of the empty seats of the theatre before heading backstage. Walking down a long hallway, the lonely masked actor witnesses a series of rather mysterious coded scenes taking place behind the locked doors that are spread on both sides of the corridor.

With: The plague doctor and his mask and sceptre, the international maritime signal flags system, John Bulwer’s Natural Language of the Hand, the semaphore telegraph, a painted Japanese fan, the Ladies Telegraph. (All characters and props borrowed from The Unfolding Arch of Forging Fantasy, department of Play of the Palace of Typographic Masonry).
Set: Based on the ruins of the Teatro di Pompeo as depicted on a fragment of the Forma Urbis Romae.
Texts: Prophecy LXV, Century II, from Prophecies, Nostradamus, 1555, prophecy by Nø$tr4d4mu$, 2020.
Edition produced on the occasion of the exhibition of The Palace of Typographic Masonry at Graphic Days, Turin, May 2021.

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