Go to the Hardware Store and Have a Museum Experience

Design of the publication following Lisa Sudhibhasilp’s residency at P/////AKT Amsterdam.

“This publication comes as a result of the P/////AKTPOOL program which ran from January to June 2017, allowing Lisa Sudhibhasilp to show three consecutive installations over the course of six months and invite guests to give inputs regarding her practice. Alena Alexandrova, Martijn Hendriks and Herman Verkerk contributed through discussions, texts and images; reflecting on the presentations and feeding the publication. Go to the Hardware Store and Have a Museum Experience was structured as three scripted acts, focusing on the mechanisms of exhibition architecture and display. This publication is intended to reveal the backstage — what has remained hidden from view. As a compilation of research materials and documentation of the process, it becomes a tool to understand Sudhibhasilp’s practice through her interests and methods, emphasising the actual working process taking place in between the acts — when the decor changes.”

Publication: 148 × 210mm, 84p.